What to Expect After Lambo Token Pre-Sale

Lambo Token is a tradable token in the cryptocurrency market that would be used as the official transactional currency of the LambDeFi ecosystem and it is with it that the several DeFi use cases of the platform such as yielf farming, liquidity provision and staking will be executed.

This utility token is focused on taking the DeFi industry to the next level by positioning the core features of LamboDeFi — especially LamboSwap as forerunners in the automated market maker and decentralized exchange niche of the DeFi industry.

As mentioned in previous publications, Lambo Token pre-sale event will hold on the 25th of March and potential investors are advised to fill the Whitelist form so as to be able to participate in the pre-sale before the price of the token shoot for the moon based on the different technical and business activities we have put in place.

The current question is what are the things to expect after Lambo Token presale? What should make people demand your token? What value is perceived about Lambo Token? And What exchange out there both big in volume and known around the world is ready to list Lambo Token.

Generally, a lot has changed over time, and if you think you will create the next big thing. A lot of work will have to be put into it which we are already doing. From the UI to the USP, to customer acquisition, technology and marketing. Our token has a bright future because of it model and the strategies we aim to use to push it out there after the pre-sale.

Firstly, after the event, we will launch the project on Ethereum blockchain. This will allow the project to get started and running in time so that investors and users can start use the Lambo Swap platform to flip their Lambo Token to any coin of their choice and to also participate in activities like yield farming that will commence shortly after so that they can make massive profit on their investment.

Remember in the last article, I mentioned why it is important to jump on the Lambo Token pre-sale because that is the cheapest you will ever get the token. If you bought UNI when it launched at under $2.8, fast forward today, you will have befitted a lot as the price is now above $30. This is what Lambo Token will offer in the nearest future because of its real-world DeFi use cases. It goes just beyond one product, to being used by a lot of people as a means of transaction and exchange.

After launch, we will look at moving the project to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and also make moves towards getting the token listed on the innovation platform of Binance. With this users will be able to trade the token on the biggest exchange in the world and also benefit from the super fast speed and cheap transaction fee that Binance Smart Chain offers. Lambo Token will also be listed on other top exchanges and we will roll out their names as events unfold.

Apart from this, we will be bringing institutional investors on board to invest in LamboToken. Since there is now an unprecedented wave of demand from institutions and billionaires, with the trend set after the business intelligence company — MicroStrategy, converted $250 million of its treasury into BTC and Institutional Asset Manager, Grayscale also aggressively ramped up its Bitcoin accumulation, then Tesla CEO, Elon Musk had invested $1.5 billion or 7.7% of the electric vehicle maker’s treasury into BTC which increased it value. Many institutional investors are now looking to invest in cryptocurrency projects with valuable use cases like ours and we will pitch to as many of them as possible to increase the value and adoption of Lambo Token.

So what are you waiting for?

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